Butterflies, Moths & Caterpillars

IN PROGRESS April 2020

Here are some of my local butterflies, moths and caterpillars.  Trying to match caterpillar with flying adult is not easy!  But for the record, these are some that I have found in Capertee Valley in NSW, Australia.

Note that butterflies have knobs on the end of their antennae, moths do not.

a tattered Common Brown Butterfly

Painted Lady butterfly

Meadow Argus butterfly

Meadow Argus butterfly side view


Dingy Ringlet Hypocysta pseudirius butterfly, small in size, top view (14 Oct 2021)

Dingy Ringlet Hypocysta pseudirius butterfly, small size, side view (14 Oct 2021)



white tiger moth 1

white tiger moth 2

the white tiger moth has a brown hairy caterpillar similar to this one

stinging cup moth 1

stinging cup moth 2



black spikey caterpillar

caterpillar of Mistletoe Day Moth

the moth looks like this:

small green caterpillar ‘peppermint twist’

small brown caterpillar on purslane

like a dot painting

like a starry night

like striped mattress ticking

underside of the striped mattress ticking one