Capertee Valley NSW vegetation


“Rocklands” – 100 acre bush block in Capertee Valley, NSW, Australia.  Dry woodland, poor stony soils (rhyolite and sandstone), frontage to Coco Creek.

Ground covers, herbs & scramblers

Common Everlasting Chrysocephalum apiculatum (family: ASTERACEAE)


Pomax Pomax umbellata (family: RUBIACEAE)


Purple Burr-daisy Calotis cuneifolia (family: ASTERACEAE)


Fuzzweed Vittadinia cunea and dissecta (family: ASTERACEAE)


Yellow Burr-daisy Calotis lappulacea (family: ASTERACEAE)


Ivy Goodenia Goodenia hederaceae (family: GOODENIACEAE)

growing with Coral Lichen


Guinea flower Hibbertia obtusifolia (family: DILLENIACEAE)


Prickly Hibbertia Hibbertia species (family: DILLENIACEAE)


Kidney Weed Dichondra repens (family CONVOLVULACEAE)


Snake Vine Stephania japonica (family: MENISPERMACEAE)


Sticky Everlasting Xerochrysumm viscosum (family ASTERACEAE)


Bluebells Wahlenbergia species (family: CAMPANULACEAE)


Ivy-leaved Violet Viola hederaceae (family: VIOLACEAE)




Native Hibiscus, possibly Hibiscus sturtii var. sturtii (family: MALVACEAE)

unusual double flowered specimen


Native fuchsia Correa reflexa (family: RUTACEAE)

A straggly shrub with either red flowers or pale green flowers.

seed pod 


small blue flower with hairy leaves


Austral Bugle Ajuga australis (family: LAMIACEAE)


unknown blue (family: LAMIACEAE)


Germander Teucrium species (family: LAMIACEAE)



Eggs & Bacon Pultenea microphylla Q (family: FABACEAE)


small yellow pea (family: FABACEAE)


orange pea flowers (family FABACEAE)

Large Tick-treefoil Desmodium brachypodum (family: FABACEAE)


small purple pea (family: FABACEAE)


Twining Glycine



colourful weedy things

Scarlet Pimpernel Anagallis arvensis (family:  )


Common Centaury Centaurium erythraea (family: GENTIANACEAE)



Rock Fern Cheilanthes sieberi (family: ADIANTACEAE)


Bristly Cloak Fern Cheilanthes distans (family: ADIANTACEAE)


Maidenhair Fern Adiatum species (family:


Sedges, Rushes and Grasses

Saw-sedge Gahnia aspera (family: CYPERACEAE)

Wattle Mat-rush Lomandra filiformis (family: LOMANDRACEAE)

Spiny-headed Mat-rush Lomandra longifolia (family: LOMANDRACEAE)


Nodding Blue Lily Stypandra glauca (family: PHORMIACEAE)

Note yellow stamens have a hooked end, to distinguish from Dianella.


Hovea lanceolata (family FABACEAE)


Pomaderris (with River Oaks in background)